Fifty Years Ago TODAY, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Changed the Country for African Americans

civil voting rights act of 1964

civil rights march 1963

In American History, today is a very special day. Fifty years ago, President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that transformed the treatment of African Americans in schools, buses, housing, libraries, movie theaters, department stores, voting booths, and so much more. This act abolished discrimination of a segregated America that was a LONG TIME coming.

I hope that we can remember its significance and its legacy this 4th of July weekend (and in the voting booths this November)!


#MCM – The Gorgeous Irishman Jonathan Rhys Meyers

From playing King Henry VIII, a soccer coach, an ambitious businessman on the rise, a glam rock god in the 1970s, a musician, Elvis, and the Prince of Darkness (Dracula, not Ozzy Osborne), Jonathan Rhys Meyers proves that he is more than a pretty face . . . but what a beautiful face that is!


It’s Friday #TGIF! Time To Listen to My Take on This Week’s News in Media!

It's Friday #TGIF! Time To Listen to My Take of This Week's News in Media!

Your weekend CANNOT OFFICIALLY start (I’m holding it hostage, lol) until you listen to It’s Marvellous Radio Show on from 5 – 7PM EST! This week’s topics cover #ThinkLikeAManToo Thursday Night Blowout, Album Review of A.K.A. by Jennifer Lopez, Summer Music Preview for Miami’s Hottest Concerts, #TeacherTenure Debate and How It Will Affect Schools This Fall, and SO MUCH MORE!

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Miami Gemini Trio Meeting at Michael’s Food & Drink

Miami Gemini Trio Meeting at Michael's Food & Drink

By chance, I indulged my curiousity of my new work neighborhood and visited some stores in Miami’s Design District – Prada, Louis Vuitton, and finally Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink. It turns out that the bar manager named Jason, myself, and a patron named Toni, are all Geminis, celebrating birthdays days apart from each other. #GeminiForever