Elin Nordegren Jokes About Tiger Woods Divorce in Graduation Speech

Wow! How did I miss this? Oh, yeah. I was watching the online streaming cast of Dr. Sean Combs’ Commencement Address (that NO mainstream media covered over the weekend). #lifeasablogger


Elin Nordegren, ex-wife of golfer Tiger Woods, spoke at her own college graduation on Saturday after nine years of study at Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla.

During that time, Nordegren gave birth to two sons, now aged 5 and 6, and dealt with the revelations of her ex-husband’s multiple infidelities—a period she referred to in her speech as the wild storm of my personal life.”

Nordegren spoke with People in 2010 right before her divorce from Woods, saying that it would be her first and last interview regarding the matter, but her reference to it during the speech still elicited laughs.

The former model graduated with a GPA of 3.96 and was honored with the Hamilton Holt Outstanding Senior Award.

Watch her speech in the video above.

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#FlashbackFriday FOUR YEARS AGO, Whirlwind Pearson Publishing English Forum [and MY Observation of Tiger Woods’ Public Apology]

Wow! What a week! What a (beginning of ) weekend!

I woke up at 5AM Friday morning to catch a 7AM flight to Jacksonville.  Little did I know, the hotel I was staying at would be the exact hotel that Tiger Woods would give his statement to the press (and ultimately, the world).

I arrived at the Sawgrass Marriott at 9AM, before the craziness ensued.  I had a wonderful hotel room, including  a balcony with a beautiful view of the lagoon (and coincidentally, the press setting up for interviews outside).  I felt like a paparazzo, snapping pictures with my camera phone.  Check them out below!

So after watching Tiger’s statement in the hotel bar like a handful of guests who also checked in, I have to say I was really impressed by his apology.  It is more than being sorry; it showed an understanding of the consequences that have come as a result of his mistake.. Anyone can say “I’m sorry”; it takes internal fortitude to understand what that mistake caused.

Now only time will tell if this information will result in real change. What do you think?