What Wendy Williams Looks Like Without Her Wig [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

I already know because I met her in person.

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Have you ever wondered what Wendy Williams looks like without her wig? Well, apparently Rolex knows. Listen to the audio player to hear what he said!

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Chilli On Wendy Williams Talking New Show “Celebrity Undercover” Wearing A Fat Suit And Previews With Adrienne Bailon [Video]

I just saw last week’s episode this morning with rapper T-Pain and actor Anthony Anderson. The concept/set-up for the show is really interesting, putting celebrities among the public to hear what people REALLY think about them. It’s also really interesting that the show is produced by Miss Wendy Williams herself (where she has also participated in pilot episode for her own talk show). I’m sure this upcoming episode with TLC’s Chilli will be equally entertaining.

Inspired By The Struggle and Resolve – Thank You, Miss Wendy Williams!

So I finally got to watch the premiere episode of “Being” on CENTRIC which featured the profile of media mogul and talk show host Miss Wendy Williams. Forgive me for sounding like a compliment fangirl but I totally loved it!

Set up to be an inspirational version of VH1’s “Behind the Music” and a little lighter than the morose TV One’s “Unsung”, “Being” is an hour-long (more like 40 minutes without commercials) interview led by Miss Williams’ account of her life as an African-American young girl growing up in New Jersey where she faced issues about her weight from her parents, race being one of the only few African-Americans in the affluent community, drug abuse in her own life, and setbacks within her own career as a radio DJ and in having children in her own life.


Courtesy of @wendysteam Instagram account




Wendy with her husband Kevin and son Kevin


Too often, we as a society idolize public figures and celebrities because they’re famous, rich and produce a product that we can’t get enough of. But we forget to investigate the backstory that have these people the opportunity to be on the platform they are on now. Luckily for us, Wendy has always dropped in pieces of her backstory on her popular talk show, showing us how authentic she really is. Can you say that about your favorite celeb you read about on the gossip blogs?


Wendy Williams' Latest Book

What I learned from “Being” is we all have a beginning and if you’re smart, you carry those lessons with you in your present and become a loving testimony that being true to your own vision will take you where you are meant to go.


Laurean D. Robinson, MA