Hear The Weeknd’s First Track of 2014, ‘Often’

I love me the Weeknd!

98.5 KLUC Las Vegas

By Shannon Carlin

The sexiness factor for 2014 was just upped, thanks tothe Weeknd’slatest song”Often” ? his first official solo track of the year.

On “Often,” the Weeknd?real name, AbelTesfaye?lets us know that he’s sexing on a pretty regular basis, bragging that he’ll make that p—y pop, rain anddo it how he wants to. Often, of course.

“Oooh, the sun’s rising up / The night’s almost done / But I see your eyes / You wanna go again / Girl, I’ll go again,” he coos.

But as sexy as the Weeknd is, this time around he sounds a bit sleepy. As if maybe all this sexual healing is reallymore trouble than it’s worth and as he says in the first line of the song, he might preferto just sleep alone.

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