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SYBIL’S HEADLINES: Ruby Dee’s Death, The New NBA Investigation, Iraqi Radicals On The Move

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06/13/14 – Sybil Wilkes discusses the latest in this morning’s news headlines including the death of legend Ruby Dee, the new NBA investigation and Iraqi radicals storm Baghdad. Click the link above to hear the details!

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SYBIL’S HEADLINES: Driver In Tracy Morgan Crash Goes To Court, Eric Cantor Booted From Senate Seat

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06/11/14- Sybil Wilkes discusses the morning’s top headlines, including the court appearance from the driver that was responsible for injuring Tracy Morgan and the House majority vote upset that booted Eric Cantor from his seat. Click the link above to hear the details.

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Michael Baisden Joins Tom Joyner Family Reunion: ‘We’ve Got a Lot To Talk About’

If Babyface and The Jacksons didn’t get you ready to go, Mr. Baisden DEFINITELY will.

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Michael Baisden is coming to the Family Reunion. That’s good news for fans who miss his syndicated afternoon radio show Baisden Live, that touched on relationships, politics and everything in between. Although he’s been off the air since last March, Baisden, as you might expect has been keeping busy. He’s fresh off his stage play Men Cry In The Dark 2 and has become and in-house mentor at Orlando’s Evans High School.

“I’m mentoring 28 young men, we’ve got their grades up and I’m going to pay for all their college and I’m committed to them until they graduate.” Baisden told the Florida Courier that he meets with students every Tuesday and has made a 2-year commitment to the kids. He says he was inspired to become a mentor after attending a mentoring summit at the school.

When he saw thousands show up to…

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ROLAND MARTIN: Devon Franklin’s Film “Heaven Is For Real” Earning #2 Spot at Weekend Box Office

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For iPhone: 

Roland Martin talks with producer Devon Franklin about the hit movie, Heaven Is For Real. The film is on over 2700 screens and counting.

“Our goal was to capture the essence of that journey and I think the same the people responded to the book, they’re responding to the movie,” Franklin said.

Click inside to hear more from the award-winning producer!

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Meet Damon Williams’ Dad — The Original Gordon Parks

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damon dad

Every year on the Family Reunion cruise, comedian Damon Williams‘ dad, William is one of the most requested celebrity parents!

Check out who Tom has dubbed the original Gordon Parks!

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REGISTER NOW for the 2014 Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion taking place August 28- September 1, 2014 in Orlando, Florida! For booking information visithere.

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EXCLUSIVE: Columbus Short Responds to TJMS Interview: “I Was Not Drunk Or High’

Here is the follow-up for Friday’s bizarre interview with Columbus Short on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. I just hope this apology is sincere so he can really move forward (and not end up like Chris Brown).

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Columbus Short wants to set the record straight. A fter his interview last Friday with the Tom Joyner Morning Show didn’t go wasn’t exactly as he may have planned and including his use of the “n” word, he has come forward to explain exclusively to Blackamericaweb.com and the Tom Joyner Morning Show his state of mind. Via his publicist, Short has issued a statement directly to the show.

Last Friday [Good Friday], as Scandal fans know, was the night right after the season finale. Short’s character Harrison Wright’s fate was in jeopardy after a confrontation with B613 mastermind Rowan Pope, Olivia Pope’s shady father. The show ended before viewers knew whether or not Harrison had been shot.

Short has been going through some changes in his personal life as well. His currently estranged wife, Tanee McCall, recently filed for divorce for the third time, alleging domestic violence on at least…

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