‘Should We Raise the Minimum Wage’?

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Here in Washington State, we voted to begin raising our minimum wage back in 1998. We base the raise each year on inflation.

Currently Washington State’s minimum wage is $9.13 an hour.

In Spokane, which is just 30 miles from Idaho – where the minimum wage is $7.25 – since 1998, we have has a 21% increase….yes increase in just the restaurant employment alone.

So when economic conservatives try to scare you with ‘It’ll destroy jobs especially in the food industry”…. No it doesn’t…just like the Card and Kreuger Study in NJ and PA.

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Senate Republicans Blocks Minimum Wage Boost

Just as college students and high school graduates are applying for summer jobs to make their ends meet . . . great timing, Senate! President Obama, you have MY permission to steamroll legislation so we all can have a fair living wage!


WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans blocked an election-year Democratic bill on Wednesday that would boost the federal minimum wage, handing a defeat to President Barack Obama on a vote that is sure to reverberate in this year’s congressional elections.

The measure’s rejection, which was expected, came in the early months of a campaign season in which the slowly recovering economy — and its impact on families — is a marquee issue. It was also the latest setback for a stream of bills this year that Democrats have designed to cast themselves as the party of economic fairness.

The legislation by Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, would have gradually raised the $7.25 hourly minimum to $10.10 over 30 months and then would have provided automatic annual increases to account for inflation. Democrats argue that if fully phased in by 2016, it would have pushed a family of three above the federal poverty line…

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