This Week’s Hot New Single – “Sexify” by New Artist Leah Labelle (on Pharrell and Jermanine Dupri’s record labels)

I just get a little impatient with some local radio stations who are slow to promote amazingly new FEMALE artists! So I am blowing them up here on my blog and my #BlogTalkRadio Show. Stay tuned . . .


#FlashbackFriday #BdayEve #MemorialDayWeekend – Laurean’s Party Playlist 2014

So because my birthday is just around the corner and Memorial Weekend is the same, I have decided to create a party playlist for the occasion with all (or at least MOST) of my favorite music videos from high school, college, and right now! Let me know what you think. Did I miss your favorite video? Add to my list in Comments.

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4 Year Old ‘Mini Style Hacker’ Dresses Like Pharrell Williams and Ryan Gosling, Looks Super Cute


You don't have to be rich to have style (Picture: You don’t have to be rich to have style (Picture:

And we thought Pharrell Williams was the coolest dude on the planet.

That’s before we came across this super-stylish 4-year old, who has amassed more than 85,000 followers on Instagram by showing how to copy designer looks from the world’s most fashionable men, at high street prices. And look all kinds of cute at the same time.

Pint-sized Ryker Wixom from LA copies the outfits – and cool poses – of celebs like Pharrell and Ryan Gosling as well as some of the top men’s fashion bloggers.

Casual beach chic (Picture: Casual beach chic (Picture:

While they may be wearing pricey designer labels, Ryker gets his threads from high street shops like Gap, H&M and Zara, proving you don’t have to be rich – or indeed even have your own bank account – to have style.

He does have a bit of help…

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Selfies On Steroids! Pharrell Williams Competes Against Jimmy Kimmel In “Twofie” Competition (VIDEO)

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You may think you’re hot because you can take a flawless selfie, but have you mastered twofies? We didn’t think so.

Last night, Pharrell Williams competed against Jimmy Kimmel in a “twofie”competition during Jimmy Kimmel Live! and what ensued was magical, as the two took turns racing down Hollywood Boulevard to see how many two person selfies they could each take in 30 seconds.

There’s just one rule for the photo to count – both sets of eyes and noses have to be in the flick. Check out the hilarity via the video up above.

Could you beat Pharrell in a twofie competition?

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