Richard Sherman Plays Seahawks ‘Cook’ To Michelle Obama’s ‘Reporter’

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Super Bowl champs can cook, too?

Naw, not really. But Seahawks star Richard Sherman is not afraid to act like he can; especially since he’s joining teammates Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas and First Lady Michelle Obama in a video to promote healthy school lunches.

The video was posted on Thursday and was filmed as part of Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign. The campaign is designed to fight childhood obesity. Obama plays a sideline reporter in the video, telling Sherman to “take me through your final plate.”

“We’re the best chefs in the game,” Sherman yells in a parody of his famed postgame rant, “so when you try us with an easy meal like salmon cakes and succotash, that’s the result you’re going to get.”

Wilson and Thomas appear as sous chefs to Sherman, who wasn’t afraid to show off some of his football skills in the video, too.


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A Franchise Player Is useless To An Underperforming Franchise

MY brother and all other sports team strategists can appreciate this post . . .

For The Win

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Today’s Big Winner: Franchises

Alex Ovechkin scored his 50th goal of the season for the Washington Capitals on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the Detroit Red Wings eliminated the last hope the Capitals had at a playoff spot by earning a point in a shootout loss.

Elsewhere, in the mystical land of Milwaukee, Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel benched his starting lineup.

For the entire game. Lance Stephenson — did not play. David West — did not play. Paul George — did not play. George Hill — did not play. Roy Hibbert — did not play.

The Pacers won.

Granted, Vogel’s decision was more calculated than just a statement to an underperforming team. The game was against the Bucks, who are now 14-64 on the year, and the Pacers face the Miami Heat on Friday. But that doesn’t lessen the impact of the decision.

Team’s crave for that franchise player. The leader who is…

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