‘There Will No Longer Be Institutional Racism In The NBA’- Mayor Kevin Johnson

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Roland Martin discusses the lifetime ban of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling with ESPN’s Jason Whitlock and former NBA All-Star and current Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson.

“There have been more signs than his pillow talk tape that Donald Sterling is a bigot.  This has been going on for years,” Whitlock said.

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ROLAND MARTIN:  Tom, Sybil and Jay I hope all is well with you guys today.  Everybody was riveted waiting yesterday for NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to make his big announcement as related to whatever was going to happen to Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers for the last 33 years after that tape was dropped 72 hours earlier showing him making racist comments.  Silver came out and said point blank that Sterling told him that it was indeed his voice on that particular tape…

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