30 Years Ago Michael Jackson Releases ‘State of Shock’ With Mick Jagger


Source: Ultimate Classic Rock – By Tony Rettman | All Things Michael


Nonetheless, he returned for a final family recording with his siblings, helping complete the Jacksons’ ‘Victory’ in the summer of 1984. The album — which was followed by a stadium tour — would become the group’s last Platinum effort, and its highest-selling non-Motown recording. Michael and company, then known as the Jackson 5, had begun their career in 1969 on that iconic R&B label, selling 13 million copies over their initial three 1969-70 album releases alone. That ‘Victory’ ultimately emerged as a half-baked effort, made up of tracks worked out by the Jackson brothers in solo settings, meant little to a fan base hungry for any new product from Michael.

As such, it’s of little surprise that the best-known track from ‘Victory’ remains ‘State of Shock,’ one that Michael Jackson penned with Jacksons guitarist Randy Hansen. He upped…

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The Night Bon Jovi Met Michael Jackson



Stunning photos of Bon Jovi from new book 'Sex, Drugs and Bon Jovi'

On the five-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, author Zack O’Malley Greenburg demonstrates the late superstar’s work ethic with an anecdote from his new book, in which the Jersey rockers get a visit from Bubbles the Chimp.

An unlikely encounter between the King of Pop and the Jersey rockers, revealed here for the first time, offers a rare glimpse into the private world of Michael Jackson — and sheds light on the other-worldly work ethic that helped him earn over $1 billion in his life. Adapted from Michael Jackson, Inc: The Rise, Fall and Rise of A Billion-Dollar Empire (Atria Books, June 2014).

In September of 1987, Jon Bon Jovi and his eponymous band were still riding the buzz of Slippery When Wet, which had catapulted the group to international superstardom a year earlier. They were playing a handful of shows in Tokyo’s 20,000-seat Budokan arena while Michael Jackson drew 135,000 fans over a sold-out…

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VIBE Rewind: Janelle Monae Covers Michael Jackson’s Favorite Song

Janelle Monae is an amazing artist! Her recent album “Electric Lady” is a testament to her artistry. Then you hear what she does as a vocalist with music from the King of Pop – instant magic!


Source: Vibe / All Things Michael


For this week’s installment of VIBE Rewind, VIBE takes a look back at a 2011 live performance by six-time Grammy nominated artist Janelle Monae. Janelle who’s known for her eclectic music and style, covers a song called “Smile” that is originally from Charlie Chaplin’s 1936 film ‘Modern Times.’ The song “Smile” also happens to be the late great Michael Jackson’s favorite song which happened to be sang by his Jackson 5 bandmate and brother Jermaine Jackson at Michael’s memorial service. June 25th, will mark the five year anniversary of the King of Pop’s death. Check out the cover below.

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Jermaine Jackson ‘Not Happy’ With New MJ Album

Let’s file this under #AintNobodyAskedYou section, Mr. JackSUN!

Black America Web

Fans may be happy to have new music from Michael Jackson, but the King of Pop’s brother Jermaine is anything but.

In a recent interview, the singer, who is gearing up for a reunion tour with his brothers, expressed his unhappiness with Michael’s latest posthumous album “Xscape” as well as his excitement with going on the road with his brothers and entering a new phase with his bottled water business.

TR: What most excites you about this tour?

Jermaine Jackson: What excites me about the tour is that we have the chance to play the music—the feel-good music—and see the people react to it. It’s a great feeling, and it makes us want to give more. It’s also healing for us because of the passing of my brother.

TR: What motivated you to become involved with Vitá Water and use part of its proceeds to provide clean water?


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Michael Jackson Ranks Important Across All Languages On Wikipedia’s Influence List



Source: New Scientist.com – By Jacob Aron


Carl Linnaeus, inventor of the scientific naming scheme for plants and animals, who has been crowned the most influential person in history. An analysis of links within Wikipedia articles by Young-Ho Eom of the University of Toulouse, France, and colleagues gave Linnaeus the title after they used the Google PageRank algorithm to come up with their list.

Google uses this algorithm to count the number of incoming links to a webpage, because pages that are linked to by a lot of other sites are likely to be important. Eom applied the algorithm to 24 separate language editions of Wikipedia to see if different cultures rated different historical figures as the most important.

Linnaeus topped the chart across all languages because there are so many Wikipedia pages with scientific names in every edition, and they all eventually lead back to him. Looking at just…

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