Melissa McCarthy Talks Weight: Why She Refuses To Diet

I LOVE Melissa McCarthy! She is a wonderful physical comedienne!

Hollywood Life

Melissa McCarthy is the star of the upcoming movie ‘Tammy,’ out July 2, and also on the June 20 cover of ‘Rolling Stone.’ In the mag, she is described as being ‘fearless, fierce and funny’ and we can see why! She has never abided to any Hollywood standards and does not regret it one bit! See what she has to say about her much-taked-about weight below.

Melissa McCarthy, 44, is back on the big screen on July 2 in another hilarious movie, Tammy, giving Rolling Stone magazine a perfect reason to put the actress on its July 2014 cover. In it, she confesses some unusual (yet still funny!) acting techniques, and why she does not care about weight gain or dieting.

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