David Alan Grier Does Dramatic Reading Of Kanye West’s Tweets [VIDEO]

Now this sounds HILARIOUS!

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Ambrosia For Heads reports that upon hearing rumors of a new Kanye West album, comedian David Alan Grier was inspired to do a reading of some of West’s most notorious Tweets! And it is one of the funniest dramatic readings that we’ve seen in quite a while!

Take a look at how he revisits some of Crazy Uncle Kanye’s finest Tweets in the video below!

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Those were some of the best tweets in the history of Tweetdom! Kanye is such a great sport with a wonderful sense of humor so we’re sure there will be no repercussions for Grier as a result of doing this…and if you believe we think that then we definitely have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn!

Thanks for the much needed giggle Mr. Grier!

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