#MCM – The Gorgeous Irishman Jonathan Rhys Meyers

From playing King Henry VIII, a soccer coach, an ambitious businessman on the rise, a glam rock god in the 1970s, a musician, Elvis, and the Prince of Darkness (Dracula, not Ozzy Osborne), Jonathan Rhys Meyers proves that he is more than a pretty face . . . but what a beautiful face that is!

Stop Pretending That Downton Abbey Is Better Than Gossip Girl

Stunted Adults

After hearing rave reviews from dignified people about Downton Abbey, I avoided it.  I was convinced that, if those people liked the show, there was no way that I would.  They watched C-SPAN on purpose and read The Economist, whereas I exclusively watch Bravo and the only periodical I ever peruse is US Weekly.  As we all know, I’m way more Britney Spears than J.S. Bach.

But then a friend who loves glitter and Beyoncé as much as I do pressed her Downton Abbey DVD collection into my mitts and insisted that I watch it.

It was love at first episode

And you know why I love Downton Abbey?  Because it’s a trashy soap opera that is essentially a reboot of my beloved Gossip Girl.

Those cats over in England just took the plot lines and characters from Gossip Girl, translated them into British, and…

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