Job Seekers To Find Opportunity In Michigan

CBS Detroit

The employment outlook for Michigan is expected to be strong in the third quarter of 2014 according to the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey.

Michigan is predicted to have the third best employment outlook in the nation, according to Manpower.

During the period from July to September, 29 percent of the companies interviewed plan to hire more employees, while 3 percent expect to reduce their payrolls, Manpower reported. Another 65 percent expect to maintain their current staff levels.

“The third quarter survey results show stronger optimism about hiring expectations compared to Quarter 2 when the Net Employment Outlook was 19 percent,” said Manpower spokesperson Becca Dernberger in a release. “Compared to one year ago when the Net Employment Outlook was 20 percent, employers also anticipate an uptick in the hiring pace.”

The strong level of hiring at the state level is also expected to be found locally in the Detroit area…

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I live in Portland, Oregon. We’re one of those towns filled with transplants because everyone wants to live in Portland (or so it seems).
I did, in the worst way.
I’m a Detroit girl by heritage, who fell in love with Portland about 15 years ago and finally made my westward pilgrimage a few years bac
June 03, 2014 at 05:19PM
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