Back In Sandle – Adventures in Substituting Teaching

So today marked my first day back into the educational arena in South Florida. While I will not disclose the identity of this school, I will tell you that the First Lady has come to the school very recently.

It’s been so long I almost forgot how early school starts (and was naturally late my first day . . . excellent). Also, this is the week before the FCAT (Florida’s standardized exam for all levels of education except college) is going to be administered so it is really the calm before the tempest of testing.

So the first period started at 7:20AM! Yep, that early! But luckily, I was greeted by a wonderful group of 11th graders in the AP/Capstone Research Project class. They were courteous, helpful and very respectful.

In their classroom, there was WiFi (hooray for this blogger) and students were allowed to use their laptops, tablets, and cellphones for their assignments which was so refreshing to see. They were able to work independently with little direction from me which was nice to see. It made me feel oddly very comfortable. I felt more like I was an educator at a college seminar than a glorified babysitter (but I had to do some minor wrangling when voice levels got too high but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle).

Here is a sample response to this week’s #WCW from one of those students in Period 2:

This Week’s #WCW – Jennifer Lopez April 9, 2014

For years, Jennifer Lopez has been the queen of international pop. Born in Puerto Rico, Lopez’s voluptous body and sexual physique show exactly why she is the woman to beat in pop music. Not only is she a phenomenal singer, winning multiple Grammys, Lopez contributes to the filming business as well. Lopez has played various roles, including one in Monster In Law as a female protagonist whose mother-in-law is a total jerk. JLo is now a global icon and performs at headline shows.

Not bad at all . . .

For Period 3, I had to “cover” a Regular English class for another group of 11th graders. That classroom was very different in some ways but also very similar in others. Outdated Literature textbooks and novels were everywhere. The WiFi was unavailable and there was no real assignment available for the students. So I improvised . . . and luckily, these students went with it all.

Here is another written response from a student in that period:

I think Jennifer Lopez is such an inspiration to everyone. She still is the same girl from the block in the Bronx.  From her lucscious curves to her well- talked-about butt, Jennifer Lopez is the full package. Listening to her new song, “I Luv Ya Papi” from her new upcoming album, she still knows how to rock. She is still an empire today.

Good job!

I definitely learned a lot from them and maybe they learned a little more from me too. Can’t wait for tomorrow!


This Week’s #WCW – Jennifer Lopez

More Than Just Sexy - JLo is an EMPIRE!

More Than Just Sexy – JLo is an EMPIRE!

From her days as a Fly Girl in FOX’s “In Living Color,” this lady “from the block” has definitely made good. Jennifer Lopez is a “business, man” (in the words of the incomparable Jay Z).

If you have not heard her music on the Pop, Dance, and Latin charts, seen her movies in the theaters, seen her developed TV shows that she produces for ABC Family and Univision, bought her clothes and perfume at Kohl’s or any department store, you are living under a rock (and you need to reevaluate your existence).

6 Reasons Why Having a Boy Toy Rocks My World

Single Girl Blogging

I realize it has been some time since I wrote anything about my life. I mean, sure, I’ve shared my opinion on a few matters, gave away some condoms and engaged in general bitching, but I haven’t said much about my dating or sex life in a spell. Today, that changes.

I have an important announcement to make. I have recently joined the ranks of superdivas Cher, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey — and I’m not even an über fierce, over-the-top gay icon. But I might be now. Because I, my friends,have a boy toy. A hot one.

jloboytoy Sorry, J. Lo, mine’s hotter.

Mind you, by no means did I go out prowling the local Dave & Buster’s all couged out and draping my leg over the Full Throttle Zombie Mania 4D machine. The boy came to me — on OkCupid of all places.


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My Latest Project – Brand Manager/Publicist for Upcoming Phenom MonicaJasmine

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So for the last few weeks, I had the privilege and blessed opportunity to meet a wonderfully talented singer songwriter by the name of Monica Jasmine. Her personal narrative and fan following online impressed me the most so I was shocked to know she is still unsigned.

After doing my research, I found that the steps she needs to take to be the next Jennifer Lopez are not nearly as insurmountable. I don’t claim to be an expert but neither was Sean Combs, Russell Simmons, L.A. Reid, or even Jennifer Lopez herself when they first started. That encourages me. Social Media has also become a great equalizer. The following is her bio from her upcoming press kit.


A superstar on the brink of success is what many are calling her. The compelling swag along side her powerhouse voice, are just a mere fraction of what’s to come. Born Monica Jasmine Gonzalez on April 21, 1990, the Miami, FL bred recording artist and songwriter is surely on her way to the top.

Entertaining since the age of 7, it’s no wonder why it all comes so natural to her. Her vicious strut and sexy demeanor will keep your eyes glued, and your jaw dropped. Her welcoming voice and pure sassiness will keep audiences begging for more. The definition of a prodigy, and the determination of a scholar is what have kept her so relevant in this game of trials and tribulations. She has earned every inch and walked every mile, all while keeping her head held high, and a smile across her face. Way past the smile, however, lies the story of a strength, optimism and perseverance.

Growing up wasn’t the easiest, far from it actually. She was raised in a broken home never knowing her father or his whereabouts. The lack of a fatherly figure affected not only her music, but also her approach on life. Her mother did her very best to raise a young, beautiful, and talented singer, but also had her own demons to deal with. Alcoholism played a major role in the upbringing of this future superstar, a disease which not only affects the addicted, but those around them; in this case, Monica.

For these same reasons music became an escape from her everyday problems and struggles. She would spend countless hours venting by jotting down every feeling, thought and idea on a notepad. At the age of 16, she would begin recording and networking with several local artist, producers, and songwriters. After countless offers from independent labels, managers, and agents, she would soon realize that this could be her way out of the struggles she faced growing up.

Pursuing her dreams, she began dedicating more and more time in her passion for music. Setting aside her friends for microphones, she began to develop into the star she is today. She has worked with several local and major artist and producers, including, Trick Daddy, Qwote, 2explicit, OB1, Steven ‘Q-Beatz’ Kubie, and DJ Cyclone , Pretty Ricky Video Shoot “Pac Man your body” as well as, recorded in a vast variety of studios, such as Circle House, Magic Sounds, House Of Fiya Entertainment, CT Studios, and Studio Center, just to name a few.

She is currently working on her debut album and writing for major placements. Failure is no option, and obstacles stand no chance against this 23 year-old EDM, R&B and Pop phenomenon.

Facebook: Monica Jasmine
Twitter: @MonicaJasmine21
Instagram: @MonicaJasmineOfficial
YouTube: @MonicaJasmineMusic
Soundcloud: @MonicaJasmine