May 19th-J-Lo Sits Down With Spence

98.5 KLUC Las Vegas

If you missed anything from Chet Buchanan & the Morning Zoo on Monday, it’s all here with the Zoo Podcast.  Spence got to go sit down with Jenifer Lopez on Friday and we had that interview this morning …get ready because you may be going to New York to see Ed Sheeran, all week qualify when you hear the sounder that lets you know it’s time to call in…J. Cole will be at Rehab Saturday and we had your passes...Lauren delivered the “Dirty @Thirty’s”all on the Zoo Podcast for Monday, May 19th. [cbs-audio-player title=”Zoo Podcast 5-19-14″  artist=”Zoo|Vegas”  url=”″ station_name=”98.5 KLUC” station_logo=”“]

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