Saturday Pairing: Valley of the Dolls and the Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail

I am such a fan of this film! The opening theme song by Dionne Warwick stays on repeat on my Pandora playlist! What a great idea to pair it with a delicious cocktail! Now, it’s ON!!! #ValleyoftheDolls


Valley of the Dolls Valley of the Dolls

Sorry I missed yesterday; I had a bad case of the “cocktail flu” and was offline, watching a delightful classic movie: Valley of the Dolls from 1967.

Neely is Needy Neely is Needy

It is unthinkable to me that Patty Duke did not win the Oscar for her portrayal of Neely O’Hara or, as our generation calls her, LiLo. Yes, it was over-the-top, but have you met people like that? They are over-the-top. She was fucking stone-cold brilliant in that role.

Sharon Tate as Jennifer Sharon Tate as Jennifer

Sharon Tate was transcendently beautiful, perpetually slightly confused-looking, and perfectly cast as Jennifer, the doomed showgirl-cum-housewife with no particular talent outside generating pity and taking off her clothes. At least she had no illusions either.

Barbara Parkins on left Barbara Parkins on left

Barbara Parkins was beautiful, classic, a brunette of the Royal Doulton type with china-white skin, enormous panda eyes, and hair that was too well-brought-up to…

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Obama Leaves White House for Lunch With Duncan

That’s MY President . . . just kickin’ it . . . with the Secretary of Education! #micdrop


ALEXANDRIA, Va. — President Barack Obama and his education secretary, Arne Duncan, had lunch Tuesday at an Alexandria, Virginia, neighborhood known for its good restaurants.

The White House says Obama went to FireFlies Restaurant because the owner wrote him earlier this year and asked him to come try the best burger around.

Obama said after lunch that he was “very happy” with the burger.

Burger runs are becoming somewhat of a regular thing for Obama. Last month, he and Vice President Joe Biden surprised diners at a Shake Shack burger restaurant in Dupont Circle.

But his unscheduled outings are hardly limited to just getting a burger. Obama left the White House on foot Monday and went to a nearby Starbucks with his chief of staff.

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