Auto Recalls — What You Need To Know

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Mellody isPresident of Ariel Investments, a Chicago-based money management firm that serves individual investors and retirement plans through its no-load mutual funds and separate accounts.  Additionally, she is a regular financial contributor and analyst for CBS news.

Mellody: We have all seen the news the last few months and years. The streak really began with Toyota and their acceleration problems in 2009-2010, and more recently GM is having a really rough time. having initiated a number of recalls since the beginning of the 2014, the most recent of which occurred just last week, the number GM of automobiles affected has reached over 15 million cars worldwide so far this year. But considering all of the coverage the recalls have received, there has been relatively little information about what you need to do if your car is affected by one! So this morning, i am here to…

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Do We Need to Rescue Our Kids From the Digital World?

This is a very interesting piece about young people and the digital world in today’s world. As an educator, this is VERY informative!

Guerrilla World Press

Do we need to rescue our kids from the digital world?

By Jane Wakefield

My children live in the digital world as much as they live in the real one.

Whether they are chatting to their friends on Xbox Live or FaceTime or viewing their profiles on Instagram, these days it seems that there is always a virtual guest in our house.

Their expectations of life are fundamentally different to mine at their ages – eight and 10. They were among the first generation to swipe a dumb screen and wonder why nothing happened; the first to say when a toy was broken: “Don’t worry, we can just download a new one”; and the first to be aware that the real world runs seamlessly into the digital one.

These digital natives understand the etiquette of the digital world – how to text, how to email, how to get wi-fi and…

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