“John Adams” HBO Miniseries, The History of America


We decided to re-watch this wonderful miniseries based on the writing of the Pulitzer Prize winning author, David McCullough.  History comes alive with the superb acting, writing and story!   Yes, the inspirational  story of beginning of the United States of America.  It shows and tells the brave farmer army which took on the greatest army in the world, the writing of the Declaration of Independence, Adams and Jefferson in Europe, President George Washington and much more.  You might find yourself “binge watching” this seven episode miniseries.  It is available on HBO On Demand.

Continued  blessings of freedom!

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Independence Day Giveaway: Books for Little Patriots

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In honor of Independence Day – and courtesy of my friend, the lovely and talented Amelia Hamilton – this Friday, July 4th, we’re giving away a free copy of each of her two fantastic children’s books: “One Nation Under God: A Book for Little Patriots”, and “10 Steps to Freedom: A Growing Patriot’s Guide to the American Revolution”.

One Nation Under God is a wonderful teaching tool, which uses counting and poetry to explain concepts which can sometimes be tough for young readers to grasp.  Beginning, appropriately enough, with the number 1 for God, Hamilton takes each number from 1-10 in turn, and explains different aspects of the American republic and its history, from the Bill of Rights to the branches of the military services.  For example, for the number 4, Hamilton explains who each of the four U.S. Presidents carved on Mount Rushmore were, while for the number 9, the nine Justices of…

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#MCM – The Gorgeous Irishman Jonathan Rhys Meyers

From playing King Henry VIII, a soccer coach, an ambitious businessman on the rise, a glam rock god in the 1970s, a musician, Elvis, and the Prince of Darkness (Dracula, not Ozzy Osborne), Jonathan Rhys Meyers proves that he is more than a pretty face . . . but what a beautiful face that is!


#ThrowbackThursday for #BlackMusicMonth “Ruler of My Heart” by The Incomparable Lisa Fischer

The movie “That Night” (1992) was such a beautiful movie about the loss of innocence and teenage love. Its soundtrack only augmented that sentiment. This song has been one of my favorite songs (the I can identify with all too well these days). Lisa Fischer is a true vocalist and an artist in her craft. ENJOY!

Pre-Pub Teen Book Review – The Book of Bad Things by Dan Poblocki

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The Book of Bad Things by Dan Poblocki

This book was about a girl named Cassidy Bean who goes to spend the summer in the town of Whitechapel. After the way Cassidy’s previous visit to Whitechapel turned out, she is unsure the family she will be staying with will want to see her again. However, once she arrives, she quickly realizes that there are bigger problems. The town’s hoarder is dead, and along with her death comes danger. Danger to the town, the people, and even Cassidy, so with the help of some unexpected but loyal allies, Cassidy decides to take matters into her own hands and save the town once and for all.

I enjoyed this book! Although it is probably meant for early middle school kids, I thought that it would be a great read for late at night under the covers for anyone. It was spooky, and the author did a wonderful job of conveying…

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