There Are No Two Greater Heroes Than Trayvon Martin’s Parents

I concur – These parents are living examples of selfless love and activism that young people should be honored to emulate! #SaveOurTrayvons2014

Global Grind


I remember growing up and always hearing my parents and their friends talk about one pivotal moment in their lives.  They remembered exactly where they were at that point. Exactly who told them the news. Exactly how they felt once it all sunk in.  When President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, everyone who was alive during that time remembers.

One year ago, today, was our generation’s moment.  It was late on a Saturday night.  Some of us were out to dinner.  Some of us were home with our families.  Some of us were still shopping.  Some of us were driving in our cars.  But, no matter where we were, we all heard and we all will always remember.  Shortly after 10PM Eastern Standard Time, after 16 hours of deliberation, a six member, all-female jury acquitted George Zimmerman of murdering 17 year old Trayvon Martin.  Silence. Quiet. And then some tears. Rolled down my face as I sat in my…

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Very Interesting.

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