15 things Judy Blume’s Forever taught us about love, sex and boys

I completely remember reading this book as a teenager to understand about sex and relationships! It was VERY revolutionary!



Judy Blume’s Forever was the book which taught us the things our parents and teachers were too embarrassed to – love, lust, sex, our bodies and, of course, boys.

At the time it was seen as risquè but in the age of the smartphone, when many teens will learn about sex from porn clips, it seems refreshingly innocent.

And with the news that Judy Blume has put pen to paper and will release a new book in 2015 here are 15 things Forever taught us.

1. Your first crush will be a douchebag


Kath’s first crush was a boy called Tommy Aronson.

He dumped her when she wouldn’t sleep with him then went to college where he was ‘so busy making it with every female on campus he may flunk out.’

Later, he calls Kath up but when she makes it clear she’s not interested he asks for her best…

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Very Interesting.

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