VIBE Rewind: Janelle Monae Covers Michael Jackson’s Favorite Song

Janelle Monae is an amazing artist! Her recent album “Electric Lady” is a testament to her artistry. Then you hear what she does as a vocalist with music from the King of Pop – instant magic!


Source: Vibe / All Things Michael


For this week’s installment of VIBE Rewind, VIBE takes a look back at a 2011 live performance by six-time Grammy nominated artist Janelle Monae. Janelle who’s known for her eclectic music and style, covers a song called “Smile” that is originally from Charlie Chaplin’s 1936 film ‘Modern Times.’ The song “Smile” also happens to be the late great Michael Jackson’s favorite song which happened to be sang by his Jackson 5 bandmate and brother Jermaine Jackson at Michael’s memorial service. June 25th, will mark the five year anniversary of the King of Pop’s death. Check out the cover below.

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Very Interesting.

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