They’re having period parties in the US now, sort of

I just saw this video a few minutes ago and it is HILARIOUS!


Americans are now throwing ‘first moon’ parties for when girls get their first period, complete with vagicians, uterus pinatas and pin the pad on the period games.

Oh, if only that were true. But, it’s actually a pretty hilarious new ad from tampon start-up, HelloFlo (Tampax just feels so clinical).

In a follow-up to their amazing viral Camp Gyno ad from last year, featuring a girl who takes over camp after getting her ‘red badge of courage’, their new ad takes it to a whole other level in a bid to advertise the company’s period start-up packages.

Uterus pinata anyone? (Picture: YouTube)

This time, a girl is shown faking her first period (using glittery rubylicious nail varnish natch) to keep up with the Jennys and ‘stupid Vickys’.

period pic 1 Fake it to make it (Picture: YouTube)

But, her mum isn’t fooled – ‘periods don’t have glitter on them’ – and calls her…

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Very Interesting.

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