What You Should Know About Elder Abuse: Protecting Our Future Selves

Psychology Benefits Society

Portrait of pensive older woman

By Karen A. Roberto, PhD (Member, APA Committee on Aging)

Mrs. A was in her early 70s and lived independently until she was severely injured in a car accident. Unable to live alone upon her release from the hospital she stayed with her daughter who settled her in an extra room in her cold basement. Weak and unable to climb the stairs, her daughter ignored her, fed her irregularly, and left her alone for long periods of time. One day a friend unexpectedly came by to see Mrs. A. and brought her the mail. Mrs. A was shocked to discover that her daughter had opened charge accounts in her name, amassed large bills, and drained her bank account.

You may never have encountered an older adult like Mrs. A and even if you have, you probably are not aware of it. Yet elder abuse is regrettably common; 1 to…

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Very Interesting.

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