Morning Must Reads: June 9


  • “The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility Monday for a ferocious overnight assault in Karachi that stretched into the morning in which gunmen infiltrated Pakistan’s largest international airport and waged an extended firefight against security forces that resulted in 29 deaths and shook the country’s already fragile sense of security.” [NYT]
  • “Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl suffered harsh treatment at the hands of his Taliban captors and is not yet emotionally ready to speak with his family more than a week after his release…” [TIME]
    • Critics of P.O.W. swap question the absence of a wider agreement [NYT]
    • No, Obama can’t use Berdahl-style prisoner exchanges to close Guantanamo [Vox]
  • Hillary’s Book Tour: Just Don’t Call It a Campaign [TIME]
    • Clinton’s Challenge: Her relationship with President Obama [Politico]
  • Harry Reid Shapes Energy Regulator With an Eye to Nevada Industry [WSJ]
  • Senate Forecast:…

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Very Interesting.

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