Zinedine Zidane trashes David Beckham’s trophy collection in hilarious film


Ever wanted a peak around Beckingham Palace?

Well now you can after David Beckham’s home played host to some of the world’s best footballers – only for French legend Zinedine Zidane to shatter the former England star’s trophy collection.

It seems Beckham’s famous home really was the venue for the filming of a hilarious adidas film called ‘The House Match’ – in which he is joined by Zizou, Welsh star Gareth Bale and Brazil World Cup outcast Lucas Moura for an impromptu indoor kickabout.

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Zinedine Zidane takes aim at David Beckham's trophy collection Zinedine Zidane takes aim at David Beckham’s trophy collection

It all starts innocently enough with Bale showing his prowess in a computer game battle with Moura.

But, even though they will be mere spectators at this World Cup, this particularly quartet was never going to be satisfied with a watching brief and Beckham throws a ball at Lucas…

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Very Interesting.

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