CIA launches Twitter account with surprisingly hilarious first tweet


A secretive government organisation is probably the last group you’d expect to see on Twitter – but at least it had a sense of humour about it.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) marked its debut on the social network with a cryptic message that caused something of a splash – being retweeted more than 200,000 times and favourited 120,000 times in just a few hours.

‘We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet,’ the US agency said.

The introductory message was met with widespread praise from Twitter users, who started following the account in their droves. It reached a follower count of 350,000 inside a day.

Twitter user Nandagopal J Nair described the message as the ‘best 1st tweet. Ever.’

The agency, which has also confirmed it is on Facebook, promised its followers photos, reflections on intelligence history and fun facts from the CIA World Factbook.

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Very Interesting.

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