“Million Dollar Arm ” A Film Review

I have been great things about this film – especially from my amazing readers and collaborators!


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“Million Dollar Arm” is a film based on a true story or the audience  would never believe the primace.  An American baseball scout , Jon Hanna from the very popular TV show “Madmen”, goes to India to scout Indian Cricket ‘bowlers” to go to the  US and become baseball pitchers.

The film is not just a baseball movie but visually compelling with the handsome cast, showing  the contrasts between Los Angles, and India, American ballparks and Indian Cricket fields and sand lots, the rich beauty and lush landscape of rural India, the bustling Indian cites and most of all the lovely Indian people who greet the Americans with warmth and hospitality.   The score is a beautiful  blend of western and eastern music  which supports the story nicely. MILLION DOLLAR ARM Character traits and the importance of relationships, sensitivity , and  compassion are woven into the story.  Berstein , the scout, grows in…

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Very Interesting.

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