DON LEMON: The Bowe Bergdahl Breakdown

I can’t believe this new development with Sergeant Bowe Bergdaul. I just hope there is a thorough investigation of the claim that he was a “deserter” and cost American lives.

Black America Web

I want to talk about Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl who was released from Taliban captivity over the weekend.

The reaction to his release from enemy capture Saturday has been odd to say the least.

Someone emailed me asking if the administration timed the release to draw attention away from the veteran’s administration… social media soon followed suit.

Some question whether the white house broke the law by not following the rules and notifying congress of the Guantanamo release.

Others flat out said the administration did break the law.

And on top of that they said America had negotiated with terrorists.

Some immediately began to question sergeant Bergdahl’s patriotism and called him a traitor and a turncoat who had walked away from combat and therefore did not deserve to return home safely to his family.

Remember the military “no man left behind” mantra we’ve heard so much since 9-11?

We haven’t heard…

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Very Interesting.

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