STRIKE OUT! Watch 50 Cent Throw The Worst Ceremonial Pitch Of All Time (VIDEO)

And that’s why Fifty raps for a living . . . LOL

Global Grind

50 Cent, you might want to stick to your day job.

Yesterday, rapper 50 Cent threw one of the worst ceremonial pitches of all time before the New York Mets played the Pittsburgh Pirates at Citi Field.

The pitch was bad, man. It never got close to home plate, instead sailing way towards the left.

After the footage leaked, Twitter went hard with the jokes. But it seemed like 50 took it all on the chin.

On Instagram, he put up two posts making fun of himself:

The Queens rapper was at the game promoting his upcoming album, Animal Ambition, which drops on Tuesday. He was also promoting a concert he’ll perform after a Mets game on June 14th.

SOURCES: SI, Instagram

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Very Interesting.

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