Tuesday News and… Two Polls!

Andrea Reads America

Andrea Reads America Connecticut ? book map sans titles on andreareadsamerica.com What will Connecticut bring?

I finished reading my third Connecticut-set book last night and am now working on my fourth (I can’t seem to stop at three titles). I have been consuming words instead of writing them, so thank goodness for all of the American Vignette contributors who have sent work: you’ve kept the site going while I kicked up my feet and read.

This week on the site readers can look forward to guest posts set in California, Michigan, and West Virginia. Beyond that we will have New Jersey, Utah, Oregon; Texas, Illinois, Vermont. The response to the American Vignette call for submissions has been overwhelming, and I’ve got creative nonfiction shorts lined up for weeks.

The series has gotten so much love, in fact, that I am going to scale back to posting one prompt per month instead of two. The roundups and prompts are taking up valuable…

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Very Interesting.

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