Miami Beach Officer Fires Gun, Incident Under Investigation

CBS Miami

MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – Miami Beach Police are investigating a shooting that involved one of their own officers who was on patrol when he fired his weapon.

According to investigators, a Miami Beach police officer fired at least one shot in a parking lot near 17th and Washington. The bullet shattered the passenger side window and then someone in that car drove off.

Police said they made an arrest at the scene but did not give specifics on why they responded to the parking lot or why the officer fired the gun.

A woman near the scene of the gunfire told CBS4 that a bullet or bullet fragment flattened her tire.

“It was a minor altercation, the police jumped out of the car and the police officer shot the gun, almost killed us and now our tire is flat and we can’t get home and that’s what happened. She accidentally…

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Very Interesting.

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