Grab The Popcorn! Here’s The 12 Movies You Must See This Summer (LIST)

It is going to be such an EXCITING summer! I’m so excited!

Global Grind


Since Memorial Day is considered the unofficial start of summer, we thought this was the perfect time to put y’all up on some movies the world of hip-pop is looking forward to seeing.

Every thing from robots, to Mutant Turtles, genetically altered apes and James Brown plan on making this summer one for the record books. But those aren’t the only movie topics planning to get crowds of people grabbing their popcorn.

Take a look at our most anticipated movies of the summer, according to GlobalGrind.

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1. Sin City: A Dame To Kill For: Starring Jessica Alba, this Sin City sequel follows a stripper named Nancy – who is no longer a boy toy. Instead, she’s out to avenge the killing of her savior and boyfriend John Hartigan, played by Bruce Willis. Directed by Robert Rodriguez, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For hits theaters on August…

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Very Interesting.

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