DON LEMON: How Much Can A Loved One Do To Save A Family Member?

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By his own account, which police are calling a manifesto, 22-year-old Elliot Rodger had been planning his murder suicide attack for at least five years, since he was 17 years old.

His parents say from childhood he suffered from mild autism and was socially awkward.

They knew he was dealing with depression.

His postings on his social media pages reflected it.

But they never expected anything like the horror that played out late Friday night when Rodger went on a killing rampage in Isla Vista, California.

Seven people including Rodger would end up dead, 14 others would be injured.

Some were stabbed, some were shot and some were hit by Rodger’s car.

Rodger’s family tried to help.

They even consulted with someone from a mental health agency.

Someone from the mental health agency requested police check on the young man’s welfare.

So just last month after that consultation and after…

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Very Interesting.

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