Jennifer Lawrence may quit Hollywood to become a nurse. Seriously

My mother would be so proud and Jennifer Lawrence is not even HER daughter! #motherlylove


Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence would consider ditching Hollywood for the hospital (Picture: Getty)

Jennifer Lawrence has revealed she sometimes thinks about jacking in the fame and fortune to become a nurse.

The 23-year-old X-Men star was headed for nursing school if her Hollywood career fell flat and it’s probably a good thing she got waylaid – seriously, could you imaging clumsy ol’ Jennifer Lawrence coming at you with a needle?

‘I actually had a five-year plan when I came out here to act,’ she told US talk show host Kelly Ripa.

‘I was like, “I’ll give it five years, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll go to nursing school.”’

But despite her impressive awards cabinet, she’s still not convinced she chose the right career path.

‘I still sometimes wonder if I made the right decision In restaurants or airports, I’ll sometimes wonder, mull it over,’ she added.

But don’t panic yet because she…

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One thought on “Jennifer Lawrence may quit Hollywood to become a nurse. Seriously

  1. I swear she’s my friend. I’m reading this going “yes, sounds like her” lol but it’s awesome to watch a young woman in the industry navigate her place in it without the vain mysticism it seems to give most else.

Very Interesting.

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