Blood, Sex and, Hopefully, Alexander Skarsgard: Why final season of True Blood could be most awesome yet

I hope so! #TrueBloodFan #SookieisMYHero


Goodbyes suck – so says the poster for new series of True Blood released this week.

But if the new trailer for seventh and final season is anything to go by, fans of the HBO series are in for a proper gore-fest. Yay! But there’s just one problem: where’s Eric?

An entire season without show favourite Alexander Skarsgard? Surely not…

The season six finale saw Bill Compton’s nemesis Eric Northman burst into flames while sunbathing naked (thank you True Blood. Just thank you) on a mountaintop in Sweden.

And although actor Alexander Skarsgard is thought to have signed up to the final series, speculation among fans has been rife as to the fate of everyone’s favourite sexy vamp.

True Blood Where’s Eric? (Picture: HBO)

Did Pam save the day? Will Sookie use her magic fairy powers? Well let’s hope so, for all our sakes.

Either way, it looks as though the residents of…

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Very Interesting.

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