DON LEMON: Hood Disease – Does It Really Exist?

Black America Web

We all know that if you live in certain neighborhoods you can get killed just walking down the street or sometimes sitting in your own home.

We all know about the so called ‘hood,’ with the stray bullets, the crossfire, the gangs, the dealers, the pushers, the street life and on and on.

Now living in the hood is dangerous for mental health and well-being so much so that doctors have come up with a name for it; “hood disease.”

The Centers for Disease Control says it mostly affects young people, who on a daily basis, face stress and trauma in their own neighborhoods akin to a war zone.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study estimates that “nearly 30 percent of U.S. inner-city youths are affected by the disorder, which makes it difficult for them to learn.”

Hood Disease, according to the study, is a more complex form…

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Very Interesting.

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