Arsenio Hall Starts Campaign To Buy The Los Angeles Clippers

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Magic Johnson, Oprah, David Geffen and now you can add late night talk show host Arsenio Hall to the list of people who want to buy the Los Angeles Clippers.

But there’s one slight problem.  Hall is short a few bucks.  About $1 billion.

So, what’s he doing to do?  He’s asking fans to help with buy the team with a Indiegogo campaign!

“I’m Arsenio Hall and I need your help to buy the LA Clippers! And if I can’t – at least your money will go to charity! Come on, it’s only a billion dollars!” is what he says on the top of his campaign’s page.

Want to make Donald Sterling angry, contribute!

Think of this like a PBS drive.  With your donation, depending on the amount, you get some type of “gift.”

Here’s the breakdown:

$25 – Your name gets signed onto the Dawg Pound Wall

$50 –…

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Very Interesting.

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