Battered Girlfriend Continues To Avoid Police Over Miami Cop’s Death

This case has so many layers to it that I don’t think the mainstream media (and local radio personalities) is really addressing. After talking to a colleague who is a mother of a cop, we both discussed how domestic violence and mental illness may be factors in the suicide and injuries. Why aren’t we talking about that during MENTAL HEALTH MONTH?!?

CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The girlfriend of a Miami police officer who was found dead in his Pembroke Pines continues to avoid the police.

Thursday morning Tiniko Thompson lay down in the back of a relative’s SUV as she left her mother’s home in Opa-locka,so she would not have to answer any questions from the waiting media about the day her boyfriend, Officer Carl Patrick, was shot to death as he got ready to go to work.

“This was a man that she loved and this is a very unfortunate situation for all sides. It’s a sad and tragic story,” said Thompson’s attorney Roderick Vereen.

Vereen said Thompson was distraught and upset over the death which he said was an act of self-defense.

When asked why she was not cooperating with the police investigation, Vereen said she was keeping quiet for a reason.

“I’m sure when you speak with an attorney…

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Very Interesting.

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