Hundreds To Bike To Work In Metro Detroit This Friday

#BikeToWorkDay in Detroit . . . when is that coming to Miami?

CBS Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) – Hundreds of Metro Detroiters are planning to trade four wheels for two for Friday’s morning commute.

It’s national “Bike to Work Day” and local riders will save some gas, help save the planet, and get to work and get their workout in, all at the same time.

The non-profit Detroit Greenways Coalition, which promotes the creation and conservation of green spaces in the area, is organizing some pre-planned convoys from multiple locations ending in downtown Detroit on Friday, May 16.

“It’s really about reducing your driving, and biking more,” said coalition spokesman Todd Scott. “And you can save some money and get in some excellent exercise along the way. It’s not being car-free, but maybe it’s being a little car-lite.”

This it the event’s ninth year.

“We attract a good group of folks, and it’s always a lot of fun, chitchatting on the way down,” Scott said. “When you…

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Very Interesting.

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