Underdog ‘Rocky’ The Musical Proves To Be A Broadway ‘Hit’

Yes, you read that correctly! Rocky IS a Broadway HIT!

CBS Detroit

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Since its premiere as a movie in 1976, Rocky has been an icon of the American working-class hero.

So when Sylvester Stallone decided to remake his Oscar-winning movie into a musical, even the show’s director, Alex Timbers, wondered if it could work.

“It definitely sounded, I think to me and also to the writers, an unlikely idea,” he told CBS New York’s Kristine Johnson.

LINK:More Tony’s Coverage on CBSNewYork.com

Timbers — at 35, already a Broadway veteran — admitted he had not even seen the “Rocky” movies before being hired to lead the Broadway show.

“I thought it actually was an asset,” he said. “You treat the script like a dramatic text, so I went to the New York Public Library, and I spent three days pulling pictures, like, ‘This is what the boxers look like,’ ‘This is what Philadelphia looks like.'”

“Rocky” was…

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One thought on “Underdog ‘Rocky’ The Musical Proves To Be A Broadway ‘Hit’

Very Interesting.

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