Five Feminist Endings to Classic Disney Movies


Disrupting Dinner Parties

Content note : Non-graphic descriptions of domestic violence

My brother loves classic Disney movies. He knows and loves them all backward and forward. I always hated them growing up, because I thought those princesses needed to grow a backbone. This was a cause of constant sibling disagreement in my household.

I grew up and read some great feminist critiques of Disney. They also came out with movies like Mulan that have much better gender politics. But I still feel the need to go back and rewrite those classic Disney movies, because those cartoon women deserve better.

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

evil queen Snow White with mirror It’s not her fault the mirror judges her by sexist, ageist beauty standards.

When the seven dwarfs see what the Queen has done to Snow White and why, they lock her inside the cottage and give her a long talk about patriarchal beauty standards. That mirror was…

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Very Interesting.

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