Does Natural Hair Scare Men Away?

Interesting question to ask! What is so scary about natural hair anyway?



When a woman has natural hair, it can be very hard to manage physically and emotionally because it plays on her confidence and her look. If her man isn’t feeling it then it could cause some insecurities. The mistake that women make is when they talk negative about their natural hair before their men can even see it or before they even try it. So in any case like that, he will be just as scared as she is. Women have to start embracing it little by little. They also need to stop thinking natural hair means curls. Natural hair doesn’t mean your hair will curl which is usually what most women and men think and want. It scares the men away when women don’t take the time to explain or embrace it themselves. Learn what it’s about and present it the right way then maybe so many men wouldn’t…

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Very Interesting.

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