This Week’s #MCM – Michael Joseph Jackson aka The King of Pop

This Week's #MCM - Michael Joseph Jackson aka The King of Pop

After watching last night’s MasterClass with Justin Timberlake, I realized how much he had become the artist he is because of the major influence of the original genius entertainer, my idol, Michael Joseph Jackson. I also realized how incredibly special I was because I had the amazing opportunity to see MJ live not once but TWICE (Victory Tour at Joe Robbie Stadium at age 3 and the Bad Tour at the Miami Arena as a preteen).

The Official Michael Jackson Website

Justin Timberlake NEVER saw him live until he performed with him at the VMA’s (MTV’s Video Music Awards with N’Sync who performed their single “Pop” in 2001)!

Justin Timberlake Performs At The Staples Center

And being that tomorrow (May 13th) will be the release date for the much publicized “Xscape” album, I would be a terrible “Moonwalker” (MJ fan moniker from Instagram) if I did not include The King of Pop as this week’s #MCM.


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Very Interesting.

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