General Good Things Post

the dancing professor

1. Few things in the world are of less interest to me than football.

(Although Greg Proops, typically, has gotten me all social-justicey about the concussion problems and the abysmal treatment of the cheerleaders.)

(Even he can’t get me to care about the game, though. After a youth spent in Texas, I think the antipathy is just too deeply ingrained.)

But this happened, and I cried a little:

(And then of course I had conflicted feelings about that kind of pressure being put on anyone, let alone a 22 year old, but that’s another conversation.)

2. The performance today was fun. Very low key, and we didn’t get many visitors (it wasn’t a very busy park), but we performed the choreo every 15 or 20 minutes, and gathered a little crowd every time. I don’t think we raised much money, since none of us was very aggressive, but our team…

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Very Interesting.

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