Do Cafés Create an Atmosphere of Trust?

Chapter TK

I connected with the universe yesterday and got some great writing done at the Starbucks near my work. While manipulating events in my fantasy realm, I was sourly interrupted by biological necessities in the real world. Coffee and caffeine will do that to you.

Commonly, when I’m in these cafés, I see people leave all their belongings to use the restroom. That venture may only take a few minutes, but that’s just enough time for someone to swipe their computer or smart phone. In fact, I would say it’s odd for someone to bother taking their belongings with them to the restroom if they plan to stay at the café longer.

Hello, my name is TK and I’m awkward. When in a café, I gather up all my belongings and take them to the restroom when the need arises. Then, I sprawl it all out on the table again when…

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Very Interesting.

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