The woman at the center of the Donald Sterling racism scandal is allegedly being investigated for extortion

God, I really hate giving this woman any more attention … and this new development is NOT surprising!

Peace and Freedom

  • Former assistant of Donald Sterling under investigation by the LA County DA’s Bureau of Investigation
  • Focusing on V. Stiviano’s claim to have more than 100 hours of recordings of conversations with LA Clippers owner Sterling
  • Initially thought Sterling phoned Stiviano to ask ‘How can we make this go away?’
  • It is now believed that Stiviano and her representatives made this phone call to the billionaire
  • It was revealed she has been arrested for at least 4 crimes and used 5 aliases – changing her race from crime to crime
  • Also revealed the  31-year-old has been fostering the children, both under the age of 12, for several years but the adoption was finalized last Friday
  • A source told RadarOnline that Sterling himself had in fact spent time with the boys, and ‘was very sweet to them’
  • ‘V is over the moon that the adoption is final and legal,’ the insider reportedly…

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Very Interesting.

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