If You Tell a Girl She’s Fat

Dances With Fat

grade on curve A recent study by researchers at UCLA found that if girls had been called “too fat” by someone by age 10, they were more likely to be “obese” at age 19, and that the more people who told her she was “too fat” the more her chances of being “obese” increased.  The study included controlled for income, race, childhood weight and puberty age.

Full disclosure:  I reference A. Janet Tomiyama’s work often – including her work with Traci Mann –   I have tremendous respect for both of them as researchers doing great solid work in an area that is really controversial, and I’ve even briefly corresponded with Janet about a piece I wrote about her work for iVillage.

The study isn’t really what I want to talk about though, what I want to talk about are the reactions to this study and the hypotheses that people are drawing from…

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Very Interesting.

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