Senioritis: The Disease of High School Seniors that Must be Cured

This seems like a PERFECT piece for all us teachers dealing with seniors at this time of the year!

David Mandler

“I really do not want to do work, but my parents force me, as I am the oldest child, and have to be a role model for my siblings.” So begins one of the responses on the anonymous survey my second-term seniors have filled out recently about what it means to be a second-term senior. To be fair, the anonymous respondent adds in parenthesis, as if fueled by the insistent voice of his or her superego, “I also feel the responsibility to do so.”

While I have taught students on various levels from high school freshmen to college seniors for fifteen years, this is only my second year of teaching high school seniors. Last year, some of my fellow teachers had informed me of a terrible and regularly recurring illness that decimates Stuyvesant seniors in their second term called senioritis. Yet, my colleagues’ message hardly made me prepared to meet…

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Very Interesting.

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