Listen to the Right People, And Trust Yourself in a Crisis

This is SO true!

The Turnaround Authority

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things,” said Management Consultant Peter Drucker. The problem comes when a business faces a crisis and the leader no longer can determine what the right thing is.

I wrote a white paper once on 5 Faux Pas of CEOs in Crisis, which you can view on my blog. One of these faux pas is that they are only as smart as the last person they talk to.

When faced with a crisis, some CEOs and business leaders cease to think for themselves. Perhaps it’s because they feel responsible for the crisis in the first place and maybe they’ve lost confidence in their ability to lead. They no longer trust their own judgment.

By itself, this dip in confidence does not spell the death of a company. In fact, that is often when the smart leader knows to ask for…

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Very Interesting.

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